Alba living experience

Alba opens a whole new way into nature.
We call it Mobile Living.

First off, the Alba is smaller than a house and hence cheaper because it consists of less material, needs less land and can be situated in places that normally would not be buildable property.
Secondly, it is made a lot of glass and thus offers a limitless spatial experience. What will fascinate you about Alba is not the space that is contained by its walls but the space it allows you to experience: the space you see.
It allows direct contact with the surroundings.

And this space is effectively limitless.

But above all, a Alba is mobile, which makes it easier and more economical to install than any normal house. No building stress, no location worries: Alba can be moved at any time to another location to be installed.

You can situate the different landscape and urban environment.


Eco friendly production

Alba components are made to meet the highest possible eco friendly production standards with a preference for providers close to the production site to eliminate long transport routes.

It is made of high quality materials, which enables a long service life. The outer shell is made of a new resistant and the material used for the first time in the mobile homes. The inner lining is made of wooden boards (pine). The building is extremely well insulated for all seasons.

For extreme climatic conditions may object additional thermally isolated.
The installation occurs with low natural resource consumption. Alba stands on few fundament points and after removal leaves no trace in the landscape. It can be set up so that no tree needs to be cut.

Alba, new way of life

Alba brings you in closer contact with nature than you have ever imagined before.

Low energy use

It has an optimal building footprint because the little land it uses is optimized through being able to easily be placed in respect to the property’s landscape characteristics and in any cardinal direction desired. It produces low installation costs and uses the land efficiently through its accessible roof terrace and its Pergola, which is independent of weather conditions.

Alba has a good energy footprint due to it’s low energy use, high-energy yield, and optimal use of external energy through intelligent use of solar energy.


Alba is insulated with thermal insulation; the door openings have double glazing which is in compliance with requirements on effective energy use – low energy classification.


The ventilation of the facility runs naturally and by power in the bathroom.


 Alba can be constructed with a thicker thermal insulation, triple glazing and heat recovery ventilation (by a recuperator).




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Production: MMstudio